Christine Love’s Interstellar Selfie Station is Instagram meets Gameboy Camera

The key to a well-taken selfie is to do something adorably dorky and then apply a patina. Interstellar Selfie Station, by the visual novelist Christine Love, is a snapshot app that makes this easy. This is what every high-schooler would have been doing in 1998 if the Gameboy Color Camera had an internet connection and the concept of the selfie existed back then. The 2-bit filters will make you look like a lo-fi seapunk prince or princess, as you can apply two-toned color palettes themed around Gameboy classics: Kirby, Metroid, Zelda, etc. The app isn’t coming to mobile devices until 2014, but this is all seeming very familiar. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure my first selfie was snapped on a Gameboy.