Crow money, crow problems

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Crowtel (PC

BY Sinks

Imagine this: you’re just another crow hotel manager, living their simple life and minding their own business. You don’t want to be the next Ritz Carlton or anything—your aspirations are much more laid back than that. You just want to keep your business afloat without much effort. But, one day, some fat cats from the health department come in for an inspection, threatening the livelihood of your Crowtel. Now you’re finally forced to face all those niggling death traps you’ve been avoiding. From leaky nuclear sewage waste dripping from the ceiling to piles of laundry obscuring the path forward, you must overcome every obstacle the Crowtel throws your way. By helping guests with their mostly toilet-related problems, you can start to make this hotel passably livable if not hospitable. Chirp your way through seven levels of bizarre platforming, your bird song soaring beyond all health and safety laws. 

Perfect for: Birds, hospitality experts, motel lovers

Playtime: About an hour