The Cyberpunk Game Jam satisfies our cravings for cyberpunk, games, and jam

Ready yourself for a influx of games about hacker cowboys getting ethereal in the psychedelic constructs of digital space, because there is a Cyberpunk Game Jam happening on March 1st – 10th. This sounds like a mighty long time to stay jacked into the matrix. Let’s hope things stay safe and no one’s neural implants get baked. 

The website for the jam is encouraging participating devs to bone up on seminal works of cyberpunk, such as Burning Chrome, Netrunner, and The Lawnmower Man. I pity the dev unfamiliar with the genre who randomly selects Lawnmower Man from the list.

Whether you can’t get enough of cyberpunk, or think that devs have went to that well once too often (I somehow simultaneously hold both opinions), this could prove to be extremely worthwhile. Something awesome always comes out of these lengthier game jams, like Zaga-33, Superhot, or Receiver