Cyberpunk gets an authentic voice, chess as foreplay, and a DRM chair that breaks easily

Here’s the OMG news of the day (okay, of yesterday): Supergiant Games, a.k.a. those guys who made the indie sensation Bastion, are making a cyberpunk game!!! To be narrated by a grimy body parts smuggler? Maybe.

A couple of blokes at Boing Boing explore the strange probability of Grime dice. Very nerdy, and cool. 

Because digital rights management is a pain in the derrière, ECAL students created the DRM Chair. It breaks after you sit in it eight times.

Writing for Harper’s, Tom Bissell reviews YOU. No, not you personally, but a novel about a fictional videogame company.

Tom gets around. Elsewhere, he interviews on penning the new Gears of War. It’s a fascinating read, touching on videogame storytelling, Nabokov, Infocom, and the N.R.A.

Also interviewed, Tale of Tales, concerning the Fracophile Bientot l’ete. I enjoyed the tidbit about how the husband and wife team enjoy playing chess and Tekken not because of the strategy involved, but because it turns them on.

Nutrition for kids has been gamified by the always-thoughtful Dutch. Make a Paleo expansion, and I’m in.

A feral group of ex-Rare developers has started making iPhone games. And one of the members is a terrifying disembodied computer head!

Mike Rose at Gamasutra investigates something I’ve always wondered myself: Where the heck do all those realistic truck driving sims come from?

And because the general public can’t get enough of horses in neckwear, check out Simogo’s creepy yet totally charming concept art for Year Walk

’Til next time.