Dan Flavin exhibition teaches us to draw inspiration from anywhere possible.

The Morgan Library & Museum’s exhibition Dan Flavin: Drawing, is yet another example of how video games can relate to different forms of art. Most are only familiar with Flavin’s light installations. The exhibition however shows us the value of a sketch and the amount of material an artist is drawn to.

“Best known for his fluorescent light installations, Dan Flavin was also an avid draftsman. This first retrospective of his drawings will include over one hundred sheets representing every phase of his career: early abstract expressionist watercolors of the 1950s, studies for light installations, portraits and landscape sketches, and pastels of sailboats from the 1980s. In addition, the exhibition will feature nearly fifty works from Flavin’s personal collection of drawings, including nineteenth-century American landscapes by Hudson River School artists, Japanese drawings, and twentieth-century works by artists such as Piet Mondrian, Donald Judd, and Sol LeWitt.”

What then will the future retrospectives of videogame artists look like? With videogames lets not forget the range of material we can be inspired by and the that we can worth with other mediums. It should be a bright one so long as we work with everything in our reach.

Dan Flavin: Drawing, is on view from February 17 through July 1. View the exhibition website here.

-Chris Romero

[via the Morgan]