Dance up a mountain with Bennett Foddy and Cut Copy’s "Sun God."

In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve partnered with Pitchfork to present new, playable music videos by bands who’ve been inspired by videogames. The project is called Soundplay, and so far we’ve featured Jake Elliott‘s game based on M83’s “Intro” and Santa Ragione‘s game based on Matthew Dear’s “Street Song”. Yesterday, Pitchfork released Cut Copy’s “Sun God,” designed by Bennett Foddy, who we profiled last year. Play it here. Take it Pitchfork. 

Bennett Foddy is a former member of Cut Copy, a philosopher at Oxford University, and an acclaimed game developer. He is best known for the web games “QWOP” and “GIRP”, which have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art and the Pulse Art Fair in New York, nominated for an IGF award at the 2012 Game Developer’s Conference, and have been played by tens of millions of players.

“Sun God” is an experiment in cooperative dancing for two players, or one player with two hands. Two mysterious people haul each other up a pulsating hill, capturing glowing embers between twin trails of light. The hypnotic beats of Cut Copy’s titular song control the light and motion of this blooming cathode-ray glitchscape. 

The Soundplay Arcade at the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival will allow fans to play games in the Soundplay series, including two never seen before. The festival takes place this weekend, July 13-15, at Chicago’s Union Park. Friday and Sunday tickets are on sale here