Dark Souls DLC offers new ways for players to flounder in their own ignorance.


Ignorance is precious in Dark Souls. It is the sugary juice that makes the tedious process of peeling away the game’s rough and clingy skin bearable–for a time, anyway. The game is at its torturous best when the player is abandoned in their own ignorance and must repeatedly fumble for the correct way forward. Meanwhile the enemies reinforce the wrongness of most strategies with severe damage and intestinal burbling.

Namco Bandai today revealed it has created more content to again create the experience of ignorance for players in heat for more punishment. The “Artorias of the Abyss” expansion will add new areas, enemies, and bosses to the world, presumably connected to the nothing space where the Four Kings fight took place, entrance to which required the Covenant of Artorias ring. Or maybe not. Logic has no place in Dark Souls, only random associations that become glorified fact post facto. 

The trailer shows glimpses of a fight with a new creature: a white furred lion with goat horns and four wings. There’s also a dragon, which appears to have at least two wings. The new content will be available in the comprehensive “Prepare to Die” edition for Windows (August 24), or sold separately over PSN and Xbox Live for $15 (this winter in North America). 

Prepare to not have any idea how to proceed for a few hours. You secretly like feeling that way, no?

[via IGN