Dark is the stealthy RPG adventure for, uh, playing cards

Tabletop game-master Will Hindmarch’s Kickstarter project Dark sounds deeply fascinating. It uses a few decks of plain ol’ playing cards, some regular six-sided dice, and a .pdf with the game narrative, and that’s it. Yet from those bare necessities he is creating a rich game world with complex mechanics that’s all about suspense, sneaking around, having shaky hands, and thievery. The nice thing about the barebones setup is how it democratizes tabletop RPGing, as you don’t need to know a ton of D&D stuff or have $500 worth of Warhammer toys to play. To bring it to full creative fruition he’s working with some very talented artists to flesh out characters and penning some 70,000 words of the fantasy scenario himself. All in all this sounds like quite the trip down the tabletop rabbit hole.