One Night Stand

Dating sims don’t get much more awkward than One Night Stand

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One Night Stand (Windows, Mac, Linux)


What did you do last night? This is the big question that visual novel One Night Standopens up with. And for your first couple playthroughs you’ll probably pursue the answer to it. You know that you slept with the girl you woke up next to, that you abandoned your friend Gary after the first drink, and that you have a terrible hangover. The rest you have to uncover by investigating the debris around the bedroom: a used condom, a flyer, your clothes. You’ll also enter conversation with the girl, awkward as you’d expect given that you can’t even remember her name, trying to find out who she is and how you met. But after a while you should find that you don’t care for the answer to the initial mystery. Instead, you are drawn to finding out more about her past, her interests, seeing if this night of debauchery has a happy ending. It does, but you’ll probably need to get kicked out a couple of times for saying the wrong thing first.

Perfect for: Teens, single people, romantics

Playtime: 2 hours

One Night Stand