Celebrate the official release of Day Z with these photos of Chernarus in real-life

Day Z was officially released today, kinda. So in honor of the brutal zombie game that had otherwise decent men writing borderline fanfic about breaking their leg and groping in the darkness until a bandit finished them off with the butt of a rifle to the head, we put together these photos. 

You may recognize some of the scenes from the rolling Czechoslovakian countryside as places where you’ve done desperate deeds in the game. That’s because Bohemia Interactive are sticklers for authenticity, combing their homeland on foot and taking aerial photography to create a more lifelike place. Who knew Chernarus was modeled after such beauty?

Summer on Green Mountain

Autumn at Mogilevka

A co-op farm at Mogilevka

The infamous barn at Stary Sobor

The church of Gorka

Photos courtesy Ivan Buchta. Thanks Ivan!