Looks like live-streamers will make Daylight even more terrifying

Up till now, videogame live-streams have largely been a passive experience. Internet viewers are kept at a safe distance, where all they can do is laugh at how terrible I am at games. 

But according to the official PlayStation blog, the developers of Daylight are going to change all that. Zombie Studios is experimenting with ways of inviting the savages of the online world into your carefully constructed play experience, which sounds terrifying and appropriate, considering it is a survival horror game. 

While details are sparse, Zombie plans on letting viewers “control the actual scares in a streamer’s experience.” I imagine this could radically shake up the single-player experience, much like invaders did in Dark Souls, always keeping you on edge. As you may recall, Daylight is the next-gen game published by Atlus, where the player is armed only with a phone. My first thought was angry mobs of netizens calling to tell you that they know where you live, but it will probably be much, much nicer than that.