Dear MLB 2K12: The Reading Phillies have some new features for you. Yes, it involves a dunk tank…

This is just insane. Makers of MLB 2K12 and MLB: The Big Show take note:

• The team will host a party for 500 people on an infield that features a bar, a full-service grill, an oyster bar and a dessert stand. A 12-foot screen will protect the party attendees from errant line drives and any advances from your newest member of the Reading Phillies, first baseman Prince Fielder. (Don’t believe that Detroit news.)

• Derby participants will earn points by hitting any of several outfield targets, including an R-Phils intern bouncing on a trampoline, a R-Phils intern dangling from the end of a crane and a R-Phils intern sitting in a dunk tank. In related news, the Reading Phillies are considering implementing the first-ever intern disabled list this season.

It’s basically Blernsball from Futurama.

Jamin Warren

[via Yahoo! Sports]