Death's Gambit

Death’s Gambit finds the humor in its deadly medieval world

Death’s Gambit, the upcoming medieval action game from developer White Rabbit, likes to wear its influences on its sleeve. Like the recently released Salt & Sanctuary, it’s part Dark Souls (2011) and part Castlevania, sending players into a brutish world that could not yell “here be dragons” any louder. And yet, according to the latest post on the game’s development log, it also seems to have a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor amid all the danger.

The post itself is short, simply reminding players that the game is still alive and letting them know that they can expect a new trailer soon. With it, though, comes a series of new gifs mostly focused on the game’s shields. There’s one that lights up dark areas, and another with a parry that swats foes away like Jason Smith stopping a slam dunk. My favorite, though, might be the turtle shield, which instantly transforms the game’s stoic protagonist into a child hiding under their covers to escape from monsters.

Its official function is to block attacks from both sides, as the player cowers underneath a literal turtle shell while using it, but its effect is to give the game some tongue-in-cheek levity befitting its publisher, Adult Swim. Like Metal Gear Solid’s trademark cardboard box, it manages to find the humor in an otherwise serious world, and I couldn’t be more on board with it.

Death’s Gambit will be at PAX East later this April. You can find more information over on the game’s devlog.