Depeche Mode + Call of Duty + Cartoon Network guys = absurd dancing game

I’ve been sick with flu for the past week, and occasionally subject to fever dreams, the half-waking, half-sleeping kind. One was of cockroaches outside the window conspiring telepathically to invade the house. So I had to pinch myself when I got the email for the Kickstarter project Dancers of War, which said, in many, many more words, that the creator of Johnny Bravo, the weapon specialist from Call of Duty, and the synth dude from Depeche Mode were combining forces to produce a beat’em-up about dance.

Yes, this is a real thing. 

As Kickstarter projects go, this one is in the vein of “we have this insane idea we’re pitching to you,” rather than “we have halfway complete prototype to show you.” That is to say there’s no footage, though the art direction seems slightly flaming, if something can indeed be called slightly flaming. But we know there are more big names attached, such as choreographer Lisa Eaton who at least on one occasion has worked with Madonna; and also the much-celebrated, New Yorker-profiled, videogame voice-actor Jennifer Hale. Ready to see more!