Designer-artist Yuri Suzuki plays with sound in first exhibition

We’re big fans of London-based sound designer and artist Yuri Suzuki. He recently collaborated with to produce a series of mechanical instruments for the Barbican’s “Digital Revolution” exhibition. He runs his own creative lab to partner with folks at synth maker Teenage Engineering and headphone maker AIAIAI (who we worked with at our MoMA Arcade). And of course, he makes a lot of amazing art that “raises questions of the relation between sound and people and how music and sound affect people’s mind,” he says.

So this Friday, Suzuki will be receiving his first ever solo exhibition in his home country of Japan at the Pola Museum Annex in Tokyo. Appropriately titled “Playing with Sound,” it’ll showcase a wide variety of his work including the “Garden of Russalo” (above), a sonic experience powered by the visitor’s own voice and transform them into atmospheric sounds. There’s also the Ototo, a tiny musical programming board that lets you generate sounds from anything (like cabbage.)

Suzuki sneak-peeked some of the installation on Instagram already. You can see it in person if you’re in Tokyo. Otherwise, send Yuri a note to come to your town.