Dev makes a game about bad Xbox UI, but no one can find it.

The first thing I thought when I tried out the recently updated Xbox dashboard was that it didn’t look too bad. The second thing I thought was “I CAN’T FIND INDIE GAMES!” It turns out, they have been stuck under a layers of menus where they are likely to go unseen, and indie developers are unhappy. So much so that one dev has made a game lampooning the debacle.

The co-op shooter, designed by Weapon Of Choice and Shoot 1Upcreator Nathan Fouts, starts with digs at Microsoft’s asinine choice of stock photos for its icons. First in its sights is the one featuring the green hooded top wearing girl that’s used for the Game Type panel, which is the main way of finding the Marketplace’s list of Indie Games.

Of course Microsoft has the last laugh, as you have to be able to find the game in order to play it.


-Jason Johnson