Device 6 devs unravel mysterious references behind one of last year’s best games

Over on their blog, Simogo has published a compendium of all the mysterious symbols, obscure allusions, and creepy dolls found in Device 6, the puzzle-y, postmodern fairytale that captured our hearts and the number 13 spot on our best-of-2013 list

The references are all over the place. For example: 

Rudolph Valentino
Anna accidently runs into a doll that is described to look like the silent movie actor Rudolph Valentino.

“That’s Not The Magic Number!”
When you input the wrong password into the password computer, you’ll get a message that reads “That’s Not The Magic Number!”. This is a reference to a similiar message in Jurassic Park.

White Chapel/Black Chapel
A reference to the the White and Black Lodge in Twin Peaks (hence the backwards talking!). 

Scrolling down the list I started to think that this is the text adventure James Joyce would have made, though that’s overselling it a bit. Simogo explains the reason they pulled from such a wide and anachronistic selection of stuff was to create a story that felt disconnected from reality, where you couldn’t pinpoint the time and place. 

Check out the skeleton key here