Die, die, and die again in this Twitter-based adventure game

When I scroll through my Twitter feed, I’m never hard-pressed to find selfies, silly jokes, personal anecdotes, opinions on whatever dumb, ignorant thing Donald Trump said recently—but what I don’t expect to find is a Choose Your Own Adventure game, complete with pixel art gifs and a seemingly infinite number of choice-related deaths.

Pixel artist Leon Chang “launched” (or rather “tweeted out”) his social media-based Choose Your Own Adventure game Leon on October 21st. While not the first to make such a game, Chang’s Leon is the first to combine both gifs of original pixel art and hundreds of burnout Twitter accounts, each account linked directly to a choice chosen before it. For example, choose a) to take the elevator, or b) to take the stairs, and a unique path awaits you.

In Leon, I died all sorts of unexpected, silly ways. As an impossibly round pale bird wearing polka-dot pants, said to be Huffin Puffin’ from Yoshi’s Island by Chang himself, I made the incorrect decision to stand up while I peed and toppled over, splitting my head open. Game over. I became rattled with social anxiety on the subway at the sight of cooler animals than my own 8-bit spherical self (Teen Turtles, with capital Ts, to be exact), and while that didn’t kill me, deep down I felt it might. I made the rash decision to fight a monster, only to trip and impale myself with my own sword, which happened to be too heavy for me to carry. Game over, again.

In Leon, I died all sorts of unexpected, silly ways. 

With ten or so minutes to spare, anyone can explore all that Chang’s charming Leon has to offer—all its death gags, hints, and 8-bit gifs.

Start Leon Chang’s Leon from the beginning, here.