Dino Run 2 evolves or goes extinct on Kickstarter

An epoch is coming to a close. A meteor the size of Pangaea, the great uni-continent, gleams in the atmosphere. A mysterious melody of bleeps and bloops wails from somewhere you know not. And a stampede of triceratopses, raptors, brontosauruses, and pterodactyls instinctively run to the right, the molten rock reaching out and pulling under a mama stegosaurus. Again! 

That is if Dino Run 2 by Pixeljam, the sequel to the incredibly popular free web game, is successfully funded on Kickstarter. In case you missed it, the original Dino Run was a browser game where you controlled a yellow baby dinosaur who raced over hill and dale, facing extinction. The preposed sequel looks better in every way, bringing the romp to the modern era, as the beasts trample Zoo York. Wow at that pixel art.

You can donate to this project at Kickstarter.