Discover Sicily’s street food culture in this interactive ballad

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The Great Palermo (PC, Mac)


The two artists at videogame studio We are Müesli made a recent trip to Palermo, Sicily and, while there, turned the city into an “interactive ballad.” Called The Great Palermo, this ballad has you form stanzas by exploring the city both geographically and culturally. The street food you eat, the temples and stadiums you visit, the history you learn; it all informs the song. At the center of it all is a young, soccer-loving local boy with noodly limbs that you guide around the place as he fetches eggs for his mother every day. Similar to the cuisine in Wonderland, the food this boy eats literally transforms him into different historical figures and citizens tied to the rich heritage of Palermo. Each transformation signifies unlocking a secret of the city, it encouraging you to playfully hunt them all down, but also to discover what interactions these new identities might enable.

Perfect for: Foodies, globetrotters, Sicilians

Playtime: Less than an hour