This Disney-themed tarot deck would melt Aleister Crowley’s black heart

In tarot, you have two extremes. You have grim-looking cards covered in foreboding occult symbols that will rub out your soul. And you have this rosy deck of Disneyania that reminds you of all your favorite animated features from Walt’s golden years. The Disney Major Arcana, created by the very talented Dmorte on Deviant Art, serves as a reminder that there was pretty weird stuff going on in old Disney flicks. Still, maybe it’s just me, but a Hanged Man card that has Goofy dangling by his heels after what was likely a comical picnicking incident doesn’t strike one with the impending sense of doom that it probably should. You can just hear him chuckling, “Har-har, garsh!” 

Be sure to check out all the cards here.

via Boing Boing