Do Facebook gamers just like to click on things?

You’ve probably heard plenty already about academic/prankster Ian Bogost’s Cow Clicker, his honest attempt to troll Farmville that turned out to be a quite clickable Facebook game in its own right. I know I have. But it never ceases to amaze me how devoted some players are to clicking cows. A recent long-form feature accounts for the closure of Cow Clicker, but explains how even though there are no more cows, some users are still clicking.

months after the rapture, Adam Scriven, the enthusiastic player from British Columbia, hasn’t accepted that invitation. He is still clicking the space where his cow used to be. After the Cowpocalypse, Bogost added one more bedeviling feature-a diamond cowbell, which could be earned by reaching 1 million clicks. It was intended as a joke; it would probably take 10 years of steady clicking to garner that many points. But Scriven says he might go for it. “It is very interesting, clicking nothing,” Scriven says. “But then, we were clicking nothing the whole time. It just looked like we were clicking cows.”

Click on over to Wired to read more-or to just search the page for more links to click.

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-Jason Johnson