Do kids play more games, watch more TV, or read more books?

The Kaiser Family Foundation released a report titled Generation M2 on the media consumption habits of those 8 to 18-year-olds. The study outlines how kids spend more than 50 hours a week and much of that time is spent on multiple devices in what they are calling “media muti-tasking.” What surprised me is how dominant television-watching is amongst this set even as new, non-interactive technologies are available. Here’s the breakdown by medium:

One other slide worth noting is this one below on multi-tasking. What’s powerful about games is how captivating they are and your utter inability to do anything else. Yet that didn’t stop of a fifth of respondents from trying.

Read the rest of the report for more insights into how the today’s youth are making their way through the noise of the 21st century.

[Via Business Insider]