Do not fear the solar-powered hourglass; walk into its glowing eye

What is this? This is a solar-powered hourglass and it is also what God’s apartment looks like. 

The Argentinian designer Santiago Muros Cortes unveiled this futuristic alpha and omega as part of a competition to design an engine that would power 1,000 homes in Copenhagen. It won, because how do you say no to two floating platforms rising out of the water, separated by nought but the glowing amber eye of infinity? Some of the other contestants went for austere crop formation patterns and mesh-like cylinders, but not Cortes; Cortes went full-on 90s futuristic Trapper Keeper mode. Construction on an artwork like this is far from assured, but if produced it’d be a shining symbol of the intersection of art and eco-consciousness.

Here’s an image of that utopian future:

Here it is imaged in its setting, across from the city’s Little Mermaid statue. 

And here it is being occupied by a tiny child composed of light and dreams. “Fra-la-la,” he cries, “I am a ghost of time!”

h/t to Inhabitat