Does all that AC3 prelude help or hurt?

The promotions for Assassin’s Creed III made much of its Native American protagonist, but the game starts with a lengthy (and as our reviewer found, intolerable) prelude playing his British father. While a few applauded this contextual approach as necessary in hindsight, most players found it slow, to say the least. Dr. B at Not Your Mama’s Gamer found the emphasis on Conner’s white lineage harmful.

He [Conner] is the personification of the infamous letter of authenticity that precedes every slave narrative. Yes, I recognize that Connor is neither African (American) nor a slave, but the feeling is still the same. Connor, as Ratonhnhaké:ton, is unworthy of being an assassin. He is tainted. He can only be an assassin (and avenge the deaths of his Native people?) as Connor Kenway, the son of a white man and not the son of a Native American woman. While Ubisoft tries to play up his Native heritage he is another instance of the great White savior coming in to save/avenge the lowly savage.

Dr. B  hasn’t yet finished the game, and hopes that Conner’s portrayal will improve. Is her reaction too extreme?