Does Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Historia Crux have a historical precedent?

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, your party traverses the expanse of time and space through a plot device called the “Historia Crux,” which more or less looks like a map that you can jump from time period to time period and dimension to dimension. It’s all very heady, metaphysical stuff that makes no sense if you think about it, but at least it’s got some sort of precedent. In the 1860’s, French engineer Charles Joseph Minard devised a method to chart the progression of Napoleon’s army through time.

The ideas governing the two maps are the same-charting progression of an entity over a scale of time-but one just happens to involve a lot more futuristic magic than another.

Check The Morning News for the rest of the charts, one of which includes the birth of Jesus as depicted on a dragon.

-Drew Millard

[via The Morning News]