Does a Mid-Core gamer know what Mid-Core means?, and other Koans

As you have no doubt been told by now, there are AT LEAST two different kinds of gamers: core (slobbering, mouth-breathing tweens, teens) and casual (moms, people who put games in the same category as toasters). Well, it has started to strike some folks that this binary is not particularly subtle, nor particularly descriptive of the way actual people play games, and so, according to Gamasutra, a new category of gamer has now been recognized as A Thing: Mid-Core (No, not Midgar, get out of here core gamer. Shoo!) GS helpfully asked a bunch of people to help them understand the new category, and as far as I can tell, this is the most useful response they got: 

“The mid-core is a massive audience of people who play involved games within a schedule that fits the average person. At PeopleFun we segment the gaming audience by lifestyle patterns:

(1) Hardcore arranges their schedules around their gaming.
(2) Mid-core arranges their gaming around their daily schedule.
(3) Casual entertains self with games when time presents itself.

These definitions are useful because it helps define the temporal experience the gamer is looking for.” –Tony Goodman, co-founder, Ensemble Studios, founder, PeopleFun

I think the most helpful thing would be a sort of Kinsey scale for games. You know: 1 – not attracted to games at all and would never consider playing them, 2 – twice played Angry Birds when catatonically bored 3 – entertains occasional fantasies about what it would be like to play Dragon Age, all the way on up to 10 – not attracted to real life at all and would never consider playing it.

Our mantra can be: we’re all a little bit gamers. Shades of difference, people!