Don’t look for Left 4 Dead’s AI Director in Evolve

When Turtle Rock announced that their next game was Evolve, a co-op first-person shooter with ugly aliens in it, it was generally assumed that they were doing a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, the co-op first-person shooter with ugly zombies, which they developed with Valve. But you know what they say about assumptions. 

When PC Gamer asked Turtle Rock’s artistic director Phil Robb if Evolve would take advantage of the tech that made Left 4 Dead sing, specifically the horde tech and the AI director, his answer dodged the question, then wrapped up with a roundabout no. “In terms of that sense of being overwhelmed we’re not really aiming for that, but a different kind of tension,” he said. You can read it for yourself here, but the tone of the interview implies that the systems that Left 4 Dead is famous for still belong to Valve. 

However, what we’re getting may be even better, as the game’s multiplayer will pit four players against one player who’s controlling a giant badass monster. Footage of the game is below; check it out and see if you can read the runes.