Don’t just look at these Rube Goldberg machines, play with them

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Perchang (iOS)

The over-engineered contraptions of Perchang do look a lot like Rube Goldberg machines but they differ very slightly. That difference is that they aren’t strictly there for you to look at; you must also operate them. The goal is simple each time: ensure a pre-requisite number of tiny balls enter the hole before the timer finishes. Without your interaction, this won’t happen, and so you have to press your thumbs on the screen to activate fans, or flippers, or tilt a plank at the right time. The complexity is upped with each new level as expected, with the introduction of a new device in each new “area,” which proves compelling. You will feel like a child once again playing with a new wooden toy. Crucially, you aren’t given enough time to get bored of that toy as another one is pushed in front of you frequently. There’s a delightful physicality to the proceedings—the joy of operating gizmos and watching a machine at work.

Perfect for: Children, engineers, toy makers

Playtime: A couple of hours