Don’t you wish this 16-bit Freaks and Geeks dodgeball game was real?

Thirteen years ago [ed: !!!], the beloved and tragically short-lived NBC dramedy, Freaks and Geeks, had its magical run. Thanks to its availability on Netflix instant and a truly terrific Vanity Fair oral history, the show is having a real moment right now, and justifiably so. Gallery 1988 in LA is currently showing Judd Apatow (who executive-produced Freaks and Geeks) inspired art, and this single image of a sports game inspired by the first episode’s famous dodge ball scene, by the illustrator and designer Jude Buffum, is just terrific.

“Smear Weir”
Giclee print on canvas • 19.75″ x 9″ • S/N Edition of 25