"Draw Something" steadily becomes "Draw Something Famous."

Given Zynga’s reputation in the game community, everybody was curious what would happen with the phenomenon of “Draw Something” following its sudden acquisition by the social gaming giant. Would it simply become “Draw Something with Friends?” or, I suppose, the simply title “Drawing with Friends?” It turns out the company is taking another route by tapping more deeply into popular culture: 

Draw Something maker Zynga added more than two dozen new celebrity names to their already large stockpile of prompts available in the game. Players will have a choice to pick any one of these celeb or TV show names when drawing for their friends.

Some of the new entries are meant to tie in with current pop culture events. Kate Winslet was included because of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and Mad Men was included because of the new season of the popular AMC show.

“Every week, we rotate a bunch of new words through the game and take out older words. We look at music charts, TV, movie releases, and the like to take the pulse of what’s popular and include it in the game,” OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter said.

Porter added there are about 20 celebrities in the game at any given time.

So there you have it, it’s sort of like a digital version of Pictionary evolving in real time alongside pop culture. Check out Jon Irwin’s thoughts on the game here.

(By the way, that picture’s supposed to be Lady Gaga. Eh? Eh?)