Dreamfall: The Longest Journey sequel still in development

If you ever played The Longest Journey or its sequel, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, you’ll be happy to know that a third game in the series is in the works. It’s called Dreamfall Chapters, and if it’s anything like the older game, it will have wonderfully deep characterizations. Adam Smith at Rock, Paper Shotgun interviewed Ragnar Tørnquist, the founder of the studio behind the sequel. Tørnquist related how they’re planning a Kickstarter after their grant-funded preproduction, and how the driving force of the game’s characters will be change:

I think some people felt that maybe Zoe, for example, in Dreamfall didn’t change enough. It took a long while for her to change and that’s something I sort of agree with, although she needed to go through all of those events in order to change.

In Chapters we’re going to see that a lot more. People on the cusp of change and that’s what the Chapters thing is about as well, when you abandon one chapter of life and move on to the next. Everything might change and that’s basically what the game is about.