A dungeon crawler whose characters let you know you’re doing a bad job

A new dungeon crawler on the 3DS eShop, The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave, has players collecting their warriors, er, Denpa men, from different wi-fi hotspots as an AR feature. The different Denpa men have personalities that bring Dwarf Fortress to mind. Philip J Reed reviews the game at Nintedo Life.

The Denpa Men themselves are absolutely charming creations, reacting to nearly everything you do. When you catch one, he’ll let you know how he feels about that. Get him killed and he’ll have some not-very-kind things to say if you happen to cross paths again. These little soldiers, after all, are more than just living weaponry; they’re individuals with distinct attitudes, and they don’t take kindly to poor management. The small tantrum they throw when you take away their equipment is evidence enough of that.