D&D Yoga puts dungeon masters and yoga masters in sync

D&D Yoga is a tranquil exercise that takes a yoga class on a dungeon dive, which works far better than it has any right to. I mean, yoga is an ancient Buddhist practice that promotes flexibility and inner peace. Dungeons & Dragons, a tabletop game that promotes sitting around a table for hours and slipping deeply into role-play. There are plenty of ways getting players and yogis together could go wrong. Dungeon masters in hot pants? No thanks! 

But don’t worry. That fear was avoided and the results are great. When the game recently premiered at an art space in Brooklyn, it turned out that the Warrior pose comes in handy when slaying basilisks. To proceed through the dungeon, the class took a deep breath, bent over, and rolled a die. This was a first in the yoga world: the Dice Rolling Pose. Watch more firsts below. (Full disclosure: the project was spearheaded by artist and Kill Screen contributor Scott Wayne Indiana.)