How Hollywood is trying to make movie-themed games less terrible. Good luck.

Movie studios have a habit of capitilizing on their blockbuster titles with a videogame of the same name and basic plotline. The games rarely do their cinema sisters justice. But by redrawing characters and rewriting plotlines, Warner Interactive’s new market strategy will attempt to transform movie-based games from evil-twin to succesfull younger sibling. The studio even plans to expand the universe with several original characters and games to be introduced on consoles in the coming years. 

Warner has already established itself as the most successful Hollywood studio making video games by investing in properties not closely tied to films. Its three biggest franchises are “Arkham,” which features Batman in a story line different from the films or comic books; the Lego family series it acquired along with developer TT Games; and “Mortal Kombat,” which came with its purchase of Midway Games.

Now, Tremblay said he wants to find a way to capitalize on the heightened attention and massive marketing campaigns surrounding high-profile movie releases while distinguishing the work his unit does creatively. “It’s weird for a movie studio to be thinking this way,” he acknowledged.

[via LA Times]