(e)Books embracing interactivity

In an article at Wired, Angela Watercutter spoke with a few proponents of the digital revolution in lterature. The landscape of eBooks is changing. Publishers have recognized their success and now creators are being freed to do with the medium what they had hoped for; they hope to “reinvent storytelling” by inserting video clips or twitter feeds, making reading a more connected experience.

If you use the technology in the right way—so that it isn’t doing it just because you can—and it’s thoughtful and it’s high-quality content and it’s an approach that’s truly about creating a better story experience, then that’s totally what we should do.

Interactivty opens up entirely new methods of storytelling that submissive observation does not allow for, and though they’re still “creating radio for TV” the merge may have some potential if it manages to synthesize into something new rather than mash together two disparate technologies.