Elvie: The exercise game for a happy vagina

Between getting an education, working full time, taking care of kids and being reminded by society to look good while doing it, the pressure of being an independent woman in this day and age can be overwhelming. Luxuries like heading to the gym or taking a jog often get put on the back burner so you can get in some overtime or study for finals. But personal health, at least in one area, doesn’t need to take the backseat any longer: say hello to Elviethe workout game you play with your vagina.


Elvie is a silicone exercise device connected via Bluetooth to an app on your phone, which instructs you through a series of games and exercises. The controller, an oval stress ball of sorts, is inserted into your vagina discretely, so you could perform exercises as you go about your day. Kinda takes multitasking to a whole new level, huh?

In one game, the app instructs you to perform kegel exercises in time with a bouncing ball on your screen, which mostly involves tensing and relaxing the pelvic muscles in different ways. In another, you must keep pressure on the controller to keep the ball floating on water. It’s a series of minigames, designed for keeping your hoo-ha happy. Your twat will be terrific. Your vajayjay will be a-okay. Alright, I’m done.

Keeping your hoo-ha happy.

The Elvie was created by Tania Boler, a London women’s health professional, who designed the device after the birth of her child four years ago.”I had a baby four years ago and had no idea how much change our bodies go through,” Boler said in a piece by Broadly. “My husband is French, and in France the motto is ‘Happy woman, happy baby.’ Women take more care and attention in healing themselves after birth [there].”

Kegel exercises are a treatment and preventative measure against uterine prolapse, in which the uterus shifts from its position. Nearly 50 percent of women experience uterine prolapse after childbirth.


“Most people think that this is a health issue or a sex issue,” Boler said. “Yes, it is both, but fundamentally this is a women’s issue, because women don’t know much about the importance of looking after this part of their bodies.”

So, come on Superwoman, you can do it! Can you feel the burn? (Though, realistically, if you’re feeling burning down there, you should go see someone about that.)

You can find out more about Elvie on its website.