Eon Altar brings console players and table-toppers together at last

For as long as I can remember, which albeit isn’t that long, we’ve played our videogame role playing games on a monitor and our tabletop role playing games at the kitchen table. As thus, sitting in front of a screen lacked the face-time of a good boardgame, and boardgames lacked the fluidity of stabbing with automatic dice rolls an anthropomorphized tiger.

This is the conundrum Eon Altar, A Tabletop Videogame for Two to Five Players, sets to solve. Positioned by its developer Flying Helmet Games of Vancouver as an infusion of what we love about both styles of play, the game looks like a lot of fun, if expensive to get started. The setup requires a lot of smart devices. Each player’s character is stored on their smart phone, doing battle with one another on a tablet, which is positioned centrally. As for the game itself, it’s turned-based strategy.

Eon Altar is on Kickstarter with 30 days to go. The team is seeking 300,000 Canadian. Be sure to check it out if you can’t get your videogame playing friends to join you on boardgame night, or vice versa.