Epic forms new studio in Baltimore with former Amalur developers.

Epic Games has created a new studio, Epic Baltimore, largely staffed by former Big Huge Games employees. Interviewed in a story for Eurogamer, Epic’s Mark Rein explains how Epic responded after hearing news of the studios demise.

“Mike [Capps, President of Epic] is the total hero there. They called him on Wednesday, interested in using one of our IPs. He flew them up the next day and they met with a whole bunch of people, and the board of directors of Epic. We made the call right there: ‘These guys are awesome, we need to work with them.'”

“We don’t have a final headcount yet. It’s a decent number. Many of the people there had already gone on to places. This was just the core group of really experienced guys who already had savings saved up that they tried to build a team and find a deal.”

Rein claims the new studio will not be working on any IP brought over from 38 Studios but will be starting on an all new project.

[via Eurogamer]