Episode 3 of Kill Screen explains why cars in Forza are just big wind instruments

Last month, I travelled to Redmond to visit the offices of Turn 10, the home of the Forza franchise. I’ve never been a big racing games fan (outside of karts, of course), but much like sports games, I’m interested in the design challenges involved in making games like those. With racing games, especially realistic ones like Forza, the designers are bound by the way a car actually drives and limitations of a track. So it was with pleasant surprise that we had an amazing conversation with Nick Wiswell, creative audio director, about how they bring the sound of a machine to life and the rest of team about the thought process behind Horizon.  I also watched a Ferrari strapped to a giant dyanamometer hit 190 mph, but that’s a separate issue.

Take a gander at the video above on the audio and modelling process for Forza Horizon. Even if you’re not a racing nut, I think you’ll still find it fascinating.