Euclidean Lands looks like the next great mobile puzzler

It’s nice to see how much care recent mobile games, like Monument Valley, Lara Croft GO, and Hitman GO before it, have put into building a distinct art style beyond the boring visual polish seen in the free-to-play market. A new game called Euclidean Lands seems to combine the best from the aforementioned titles: a bright and colorful world that’s part board game, part abstract, toy-like puzzler that spins and rotates like the Escher-esque worlds of Monument Valley.

We first got a look at Euclidean Lands last month, when it was only a nameless collection of lovely gifs. Now it has a trailer, showing off more of its puzzles, each like a miniature medieval Rubik’s Cube. Based on its YouTube description, Euclidean Lands is set across six planes (the different surfaces of a 3D cube, presumably) that can only be manipulated by a selected few.

Your character is one of the chosen ones, but it’s not that simple. Head over to the Twitter for Euclidean Lands and you’ll find a few new gifs pulled from the trailer with some accompanying explanations. In one, the creators show off how a boss fight set on a floating cube can get complicated when the boss has the power to rotate the cube’s sides, too.

Learn more about Euclidean Lands on its Facebook and Twitter.