Ex-game designers in rickshaws getting mead.

The Beer Diaries (which you could easily mistake for ‘The Beard Diaries’ if you were reading the web address and looking at all the pictures of guys with buffalo beards) is a new web series by Gregory Zeschuk on the subject of craft beers. A founder of the development house responsible for the epic Mass Effect series, Zeschuk recently left his perch at BioWare.

For what, you might ask? Well, for a snifter of oatmeal imperial stout.

– – –

It’s hard to fault a man for wanting to quit his job and wet his whistle, but Zeschuk isn’t no mere man. He was the creative dynamo behind what will undoubtably go down as some of the best loved games of the generation, and he gave it up to drink beer. 

The irony of the situation is, after the Mass Effect 3 debacle, when the whole of the internet got up in arms over the ending to the game, eventually causing the company to cave to their demands and change it, his biggest fans might have drove him away. “One of the few things I find kind of funny is the responses of the fans,” the good doctor told Eurogamer. “They sort of respond that they are kind of mad at us for leaving because they think we owe them more games.”

Well, internet, thanks alot. Now the man is reliving his glory years and downing beer and giving you some webisodes about it. It’s not that I think the shows are uninteresting or dislike guys with more bodacious beards than me. I love beer. And beards! It’s everyone’s God-given right to shoot a video about either of them and stick it on YouTube. It’s just Zeschuk was one of the most prominent and relevant gaming figures out there.

Look, it’s not like craft beer even needs a champion. The stuff is crazily popular as is. Yesterday, my bottle shop got a shipment of forty packs of Hopslam and it was sold out in a matter of hours. It’s nice that there is more to sip on these days that Heineken and P.B.R., but I’m frankly getting tired of peanut butter porters being forced upon me and how every small brewer out there has to make a rye I.P.A. There’s also a billion websites and personalities already doing this. Contrarily, I’m not seeing anything close to another Mass Effect on the horizon.

So, please Mr. Zeschuk, come home! We promise to buy you as many saisons as you wish.