Experience an artist’s mindscape in ‘Bad Trip.’

How do you show someone what it means to be you? You could tell them, or write about your experiences alongside photos. Or if you’re Alan Kwan, you attach cameras to your glasses every day and turn the footage into houses in the virtual landscape of your mind. A recent graduate of the City University School of Creative Media in Hong Kong, Kwan’s work often features everyday experience and memory. Gamescenes describes the game:

Cosmetically, the game mixes organic and geometric shapes and has an oneiric look-and-feel. Steve Mann meets Inception. The player navigates an vector-likemonochromatic world and access the creator’s memories by running over blocks. Interestingly, the memoryscapes are in color – “interestingly” because in film flashbacks/memories are often depicted in black and white. Bad Trip features ambient music from Robert Rich (“Vertigo”).