Explore a portrait of a game creator in The Beginner’s Guide

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The Beginner’s Guide (PC, Mac

BY Everything Unlimited LTD

The Beginner’s Guide, a followup from the creator of The Stanley Parable (which is a game about games) is a videogame about the people that make them. Somewhere amidst all that game-ness is the portrait of a person, a friendship, and a community of people who are still figuring out how to create and even talk about this thing they love. Voiced by the designer himself, Davey Wreden, Beginner’s Guide sets you out on a journey to understand Davey’s friend, Coda, through a series of interactive art Coda made between 2008 and 2011. At the center of every game within this game is a simultaneous sense of being part of a larger conversation and a resounding loneliness. By sifting through Coda’s messy pile of unfinished ideas and concepts abstracted beyond recognition, Davey reveals the beautiful chaos of creation. And perhaps something more.

Perfect for: Existential types, game makers, creators

Playtime: An hour