Eurogamer Expo to ban booth babes

Eurogamer Expo managing director Rupert Loman has decided to ban booth babes from future expos.

At this year’s show three companies showed up with booth babes. Two in particular we thought were dressed inappropriately. As a short term measure we told them to move into the 18+ zone, and we asked some of them to put on leggings as well.

Although it was only a small number of booth babes, our regret is that we didn’t go further on the first day and just say “this isn’t right” and ask them to change their clothes – or not attend. Instead, with the huge pressures of putting on such a large show and everything that comes with it, we let it go. And that’s what has prompted this debate – and we’re sorry it happened.

For future shows we will be issuing formal guidelines: Booth babes are Not OK.

Loman’s forum post was met with typical sarcastic remarks like “pics or it didn’t happen,” but also manages to intelligently discuss why such a policy is helpful. Psychokitten replied:

Things like [booth babes] would never put me off going to something like the Eurogamer Expo, but I think a stance like this goes a long way for making others more comfortable that are newer to these events and maybe new to gaming in general.