Facebook’s first real-cash game to offer self-help for users’ resultant gambling addiction.

Yes, Facebook is now a real gambling platform—at least in the United Kingdom, where regulations on Internet gambling are more forgiving. We already know that Zynga is planning to introduce real-money gambling wherever it can early next year. But London-based developer Gamesys beat them to the punch by releasing Bingo Friendzy earlier this week. They haven’t specified their target audience yet, but I imagine it’s the 75+ age group.

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What’s interesting, though, is that the game will offer self-help advice to users struggling with gambling addiction. I guess they’re taking the homeopathic approach to psychology: sell someone a diluted version of what’s hurting them and tell them it’ll make them feel better. 

In its press release, the company said users would have access to self-help tools to reduce the risk of gambling addiction, including the ability to set spending limits. 

Facebook said the decision to launch a real-cash gambling app in the UK had been motivated by “a mature and very well-regulated gambling market”. 

Gamesys’ gambling activities are licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar, allowing it to offer titles in the UK.