In the surveillance-riddled hell of the future, your only escape is this rubber mask

One thing we’re loving about this anti-surveillance facial prosthetic (read: mask) is that it stops scary-complex facial recognition systems like those in Chicago from spying on you. The other is that it reminds us of an Aphex Twin video, but that’s beside the point. And that point is fairly straightforward, really: your identity can’t be detected if you’re wearing someone else’s face. 

As explained in the video below, skin-grafts are not required, so no worries. This is all done by the aid of a relatively normal-looking, realistic, 3D-scanned rubber mask. But just whose face is the URME Surveillance mask portraying? Well, that belongs to the Chicago-based artist Leo Selvaggio, duping the all-seeing eyes into thinking you’re him. There’s also a paper variety, in case you are hoping to go incognito on a budget.

The project is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Via Prosthetic Knowledge