A fascinating video on the modern day tech that science fiction got right

Science fiction has been eerily on the money when it comes to predicting the future, which means there’s still hope for rollerball yet. Phew! I mean, technologies prophesied long ago are found all over the place. For instance, the Internet you’re now mindlessly tapping at to avoid making eye contact with your fellow commuters, well, Isaac Asimov predicted that in 1988. Ray Bradbury forecasted the flat screen monitor in your office. And if you’re reading this on a tablet, you have H.G. Wells to thank. 

It turns out this wasn’t blind guesswork, but well-hedged bets by minds deeply familiar with science, as explained in this insightful YouTube show from PBS Digital Studios. 

It makes me wonder what future events games will eventually get right. Eh, probably, zombie outbreaks.