Fictional games we’d like to see IRL

Flavorwire has a really cool list of fictional games they’d like to see played out in the real world. It includes Eschaton from Infinite Jest (it’s like Risk, but you’ve got to be really good at lobbing tennis balls), Double Cranko from M*A*S*H (think Go Fish but with booze), that terrifying war simulator in Ender’s Game, and Scrabbleship from The Simpsons.

That list got us thinking of a few more games that could use the fiction-to-reality treatment.

  • 3D Monster-Chess from Star Wars
  • Fizzbin from Star Trek (Actually, there’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to fictional games from Star Trek, each of which sound uniformly awesome.)
  • Tuxedo Football (And Rooftop Football. And Golf Course Football.) from The Room
  • Quidditch from Harry Potter (oh wait…)

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