Finally, a TV that lets you talk to it and fling birds.

If the disturbing Black Friday violence that takes place in the United States has taught me anything, it’s that people really love their TVs. Luckily for all Samsung fans (violent or otherwise), the tech giant has come up with a new way to get closer to your TV than you ever could before:

A built-in camera allows users to browse the internet with a wave of their hand and to change channel by speaking in one of the more than 20 languages that the set can “understand”.

A facial recognition facility also allows the set to recognise users, pulling up the relevant selection of their favourite apps.

As with most things technology-related these days, Angry Birds is an instrumental presence for this new hardware. The game is being featured as a new app for the TV in the form of the original game as well as a new “on-demand animated television channel.” I don’t entirely know what that means, and one critic has already written off the new TV with the timeless adage “it sucked,” but I think it’s safe to say there’ll be even scarier Black Friday lines in 2012.

Yannick LeJacq

[via BBC News][Image via VentureBeat]